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Calabria Boats 2018
Following our decades old tradition of manufacturing only the finest world-class tow-boats, Calabria has mastered the art of innovation and engineering excellence like no other. When you look at a Calabria you will notice that details are what set us apart. Immediately, you will realize that you are gazing upon the best luxury-class competition wakeboard and ski boats. The technology and innovation implicit in each Calabria defines our industry. There are several firsts in the Calabria lineup. First to introduce our revolutionary patent pending integrated Wake System. First to perfect an under-floor fuel cell, a convertible backseat / sun deck and our 100% composite HLS Liner System.

Calabria's outstanding manufacturing history has resulted in numerous accolades including the Ski Boat of the Year and Engineering Excellence Awards. Due to our forward thinking mentality, Calabria Boats have also been the featured tow-boat in championship tournaments such as the US Open, the US Water Ski Nationals, the INT National Championship, the US Water Ski Team Trials, the South East Asia Games XIV, and many more.

Despite all of the industry acclaim, what is most important to us is what is most important to you-the family, the friends and the good times on the water. Those are the experiences that are unlike any other in life and that is why we build our boats the way that we do. If you are wondering why our brochure is a little smaller than our competitions, just take a look at our boats and you'll see where our priorities are focused.

 The Engineers and Employees of Calabria Boats.

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